We are grateful for the faithfulness of our congregation through these challenging times. Through your participation, we have been able to maintain our ministry programs and remain strong going into summer. When the pandemic began, we knew that information and situations would change regularly and that our ministry would need to adjust to those changes so we wanted to give an update on where are church programs are and when we think things will resume.


This coming Sunday, July 5th, our worship services will be on-line only in recognition of the fourth of July weekend. Live services will return on July 12th.


As of this weekend, the new cases of COVID-19 have continue to increase across the state and the River Valley. Both local and state officials have agreed that churches may continue to meet but that they need to follow all of the safety guideline issued in order to keep our attendees safe. These guidelines are:


  • At risk or any individuals showing symptoms should participate on-line only
  • All attendees must wear facemasks
  • All should maintain social distancing of 6’ between family groups
  • Conduct a “hands free” environment


As an additional precaution, we have chosen not to offer child care or children’s ministry at any of our campuses.


Small groups can continue to meet off campus and are encouraged to do so outdoors and please maintain social distancing and safe practices.


We are anticipating that large groups meeting on campus, children’s ministry and student ministries will resume in mid to late August, coinciding with the beginning of school. We will be releasing these dates in the coming weeks.


Our church offices are open so If you have any needs or questions you can call or email for information.