2018 Giving Statements


Thank you for giving to Community Bible Church this past year. We are humbled by the generosity of individuals like you, who sacrificially give to the mission and vision of the church. We know that every dollar you give is important and we are committed to stewarding your generosity well.


For the past several years, we have emailed those, for whom we have email address, or mailed (for those we do not) each donor a personal giving statement. 


In an effort to increase safety/security of your information, make it more convenient to check amounts given throughout the year and reduce the cost to send via postal mail, these statements will now be available through download online.



1.  You can view and print your giving statement at any time throughout the year by following the instructions in the TUTORIAL VIDEO available click-->   HERE


2.  For link to create account mentioned in video click -->  HERE 



Save or print the PDF that is created, and store or write down your login and password as you will need these to access your account.


If you find that any information should be adjusted on your giving statement, please email our administrators at susan@communitychurch.com, michelle@communitychurch.com  or call the church office 479-452-9201. We are happy to help if you need further assistance viewing your statement online.


Thank you,



Michelle Kincannon

Susan Kincannon

CBC Administrators